Reaching Through Life

About CBB


Christopher B. Bouzaid

I am the luckiest guy in the world. My life has been blessed because I have been continually associated with great people who in every way possible have helped me acheive my goals in the “Pathway of life”  With the help of these many friends I have become a proven leader in all areas of business management and motivation for goal accomplishment.

Experienced in all aspects of business operations. I have a good understanding of what it takes to be successful.  I helped built the largest sail making organization in the world and became the President and CEO of the world wide company of Hood Industries. In doing so I was involved in all important facets of a small to medium sized business. I arranged for the sale of this company and then became involved in the Americas Cup Challenge in Perth West Australia.

I then took a four year sabbatical and along with my wife and daughter sailed around the world visiting many remote places along the way.

I grew up in both Australia and New Zealand and the two islands in between, Norfolk Island and Lord Howe Island. I was educated at catholic schools in both countries completing my last three years at Sacred Heart College in Auckland. New Zealand. I then became a Sail making apprentice working for my father at Sails & Covers.

Over the years I have won some international sailing events. In 1967 I was the first non Australian to win the Sydney to Hobart Race. In 1969 I was the first non-European to win the coverted One Ton Cup in Germany. I won this again in 1972in Sydney Australia. In 1975 I was captain of the NZ Admiral’s Cup team. In 1979 I raced through the killer storm that took 13 lives to win the Fastnet Race.I was the 1968 NZ Yachtsman of the year. In 1969 I was the NZ Sportsman of the Year and in 1970 I was awarded an M B E by the Queen of England for my contribution to New Zealand life. In 1990 I was appointed to the NZ /sports Hall of Fame and in 2000 I was listed as one of the NZ Sportsmen of the century.


After returning from a 44 month sailing circumnavigation in my 50 foot yacht along with my life long friend Steve Armitage I started a new marine importing company named A B Maine Inc. I also did some writing for Sailing Magazine and set about getting my building Aquidneck Green fully leased.

In October 1989 I left Newport Rhode Island and spent three years and eight months sailing around the world. During this 50,000 mile voyage I visited many countries and studied the culture and economies of these different cultures. I also spent a lot of time underneath the surface exploring the marine life of the different areas. This was a very interesting period of my life learning how lucky we are to be living in this period on this planet. It made me realize just ow fragile our planet is and how important it is to protect this wonderful planet.

My Americas Cup involvement was as Director of the America Two America’s Cup challenge in Perth West Australia. This position involved deciding on all aspects of sail design and sail purchasing for this campaign. I was also a member of the inner circle of decision makers for all aspect of the campaign. We were not successful but I was proud that after we were eliminated Dennis Conners chose to use mostly our sails in his successful challenge against the Australians.

In 1981 I was promoted to be responsible for the overall management of Hood Enterprises. These included Hood Sailmakers Inc. (21 companies in 11 different countries) Hood Yacht Systems, this was a Marine hardware company,and Marblehead Manufacturing which was a weaving company with mills in two locations in the US and one in Southern Ireland. While employed in this position I concilidated all the companies and sold off to the managers some of the lesser performing companies. I also negotiated the sale of the overall company in 1983. I was employed as a consultant for six months after the sale.

1979 – 1981. In Marblehead MA.

I was asked to become the President of Hood Sail makers Inc. This was the holding company that owned or partly owned 23 sail lofts around the world. As an incentive to take this position I was offered a significant amount of the ownership in exchange for my New Zealand and Australian companies. During this period I orchestrated a full set of common rules. These included monthly reporting, research and design, manufacturing methods, territorial selling and servicing and interloft communication. I then completed a business plan that franchised all the manufacturing companies and sold part or all of the overseas companies to their managers and their investors. I put in place a management structure to ensure the company could support a franchise arrangement.

1977 – 1989.Managing Director, Hood Australia Ltd. 

In early 1977 I negotiated for Hood NZ Ltd to purchase all the assets of the Australian Hood company. I moved to Sydney, Australia and took over the day to day management of the Sydney company. During the two years I was there I arranged for franchised manufacturing or sales offices in al the major sailing centers in Australia.  In two years the company grew by 200% and became profitable. When I was asked to come to the US in late 1978 I arranged an employee sale to the two key personal in the company.

1970 – 1977. Managing Director of Hood New Zealand. 

After our merge with Hood Sailmakers I was responsible for the overall management of the sail making division. I was also a board member of the company and played a large roll in the growth and development of Yachtspars New Zealand a wholly owned aluminum mast manufacturing company. During this period I opened a sail loft in Tokyo, Japan and a sales office for Sails and Masts in Taipei Taiwan. Hood New Zealand won the top manufacturing award for New Zealand in 1975.

1965 – 1970. Managing Director Sails & Covers.

In 1963 my father died unexpectedly. I was 19 years old having just completed my sail making apprenticeship. After a prolonged battle with the other minority shareholders my brother and I were given the opportunity to manage the company on our own. Over the next five years we managed to grow the company into the largest Sail making Company in the Southern Hemisphere, start an Aluminum mast manufacturing company and compete head to head with the then top American sailmaker in the world Ted Hood. Ted Hood opened a sail making company in Sydney Australia and they in turn opened a satellite loft in Auckland New Zealand. After a prolonged battle with the Hood companies they asked us to merge their company into ours and manufacture under license for them in New Zealand. We completed this transaction in 1971 and grew the company by offering a full line of racing and cruising sails. In 1975 we were asked to take over the Australian Hood company.

Over the years I have won some international sailing events. In 1967 I was the first non Australian to win the Sydney to Hobart Race. In 1969 I was the first non-European to win the One Ton Cup in Germany. I won this again in 1972. In 1975 I was captain of the NZ Admiral’s Cup team. In 1979 I raced through the killer storm that took 13 lives to win the Fastnet Race.

Personal Interests:

Sailing, skiing, biking, cooking and scuba diving.